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No Child Left Alone

Please note that no child under the age of 12 can be unsupervised at the Stamford Family Y. These children must be accompanied by an adult.

PLEASE NOTE that our new Child policy is that no child under the age of 18 may be in the building after 8:30pm unless they are participating in a Stamford Family YMCA program like a Teen Time event. This policy is effective as of June 27th.

Membership Authorization

The Stamford Family Y reserves the right to secure emergency care and protection for any person participating in YMCA activities. All expenses incurred while seeking emergency treatment will be borne by the participant or their family.

The Stamford Family Y reserves the right to use member and event photographs in YMCA promotional material.

Membership Code of Conduct

The Stamford Family Y is a non-proft organization and reserves the right to deny membership on a non-discriminatory basis when deemed appropriate. Membership is a privilege which can be suspended or revoked by management for abusive behavior, profanity, non-compliance with rules or standards, or other behavior deemed unacceptable or inappropriate. Members are required to carry their ID cards and scan them each time they come into the building.

Membership Cancellation

The Stamford Family YMCA requires that the cancellation form which is available at the front desk be filled out, signed and submitted. Membership will remain active for the month following cancellation and the member will pay for the remaining month. For example, if the membership form is submitted on the 5th of the May, the membership will remain active through the last day of June. You will be charged for facility usage as per the regular draft on the first of the month and will be able to use the facility until the end of that month.

Putting Your Membership on Hold

As a member in good standing you are eligible to put your membership on hold for three months. During this time you will not be charged the monthly membership fee. If you have extenuating circumstances and require a longer hold please contact the front desk at (203) 357-7000.


No refunds wil be given for programs after the member or non member has registered for the program. This policy applies to all youth programs and swim lessons as well as adult programming that requires a fee.

Waiver of Liability/Privacy Policy

All members will sign a waiver of liability upon establishing and renewing membership. The YMCA bares no responsibility for the state of health or fitness of its members and shall have no liability to members, guests or visitors for damage or injury to person or property while on the YMCA premises, using its facilities or equipment, or participating in YMCA programs.

Please be assured the YMCA never releases your personal information to outside third parties.



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